We would like to thank you for choosing Kelsey’s as your favorite dining place. Kelsey’s is a family owned and operated restaurant and bar. Established in 1996, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Great homemade food, fast and friendly service.
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Weekly Features


Kelsey’s Mini Lobster Cakes

Get ready to be blown away by a smorgasbord of features! First we have homemade lobster cakes. Pan seared chopped lobster meat, tossed with fresh lemon, shallots, bread crumb and browned butter. Pan seared and served with a mouth watering Scampi infused tartar sauce. You won’t know what hit you!



Main St Mac N’ Cheese

You know what, i think this might be a start a delicious new weekly Mac N’ cheese relationship. So let’s do it! Sauteed cabbage, tossed in with our famous mac and cheese sauce, fresh pasta shells, and finished with fresh smoked kielbasa. This is a Mac N’ Cheese you will only find at this tasty spot at 1 Main St. Ashley, Pa!



Papa Kelsey’s Fried Chicken

We are going to show you some of our southern skills here. Watch out Colonel Sander’s here we come! An assortment of fresh chicken drums and thighs, marinated and golden fried, gently coated in a crisp garlic infused coating. Placed over our mouth watering mashed potato, and finished with a southern style chicken gravy. Can your taste buds handle it, they better because this bad boy is gooOOOoood!


Tuscan Seafood Steamer

Ok my mouth is watering just thinking about this, so I’m just going to get right to it! Broiled crab legs, fresh steamed mussels, and shrimp. Topped with a succulent fresh basil, tomato, and Parmesan marinade. Served with Parmesan fries. Just dig in, I know I want to!


Kelsey’s Cheese Steak Pizza

Ok we know you love our cheese steak so let’s pop them together and have one big happy tasty tray! Our delicious white pizza, topped with a mixture or peppers, onions, our famous chipped sirloin steak, and our delicious mixture of cheese Served golden brown with of side of our famous sauce. Enjoy enjoy!

Bar tray 7.95 | Full tray 12.95

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