We would like to thank you for choosing Kelsey’s as your favorite dining place. Kelsey’s is a family owned and operated restaurant and bar. Established in 1996, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Great homemade food, fast and friendly service.
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Weekly Features



  • App:Crabby BLT Fritters: Usually this time of year is all about comfort foods with layers of winter clothing. Well let's she'd the layers this weekend and do a winter spring infusion! Perfectly fried savory crab and bacon fritter, combined with the perfect amount a seasoning and flavor. Placed over mixed greens and finished with and tomato aioli.  10.95




Kelseys Country Boil: Here's something to make you excited! Perfectly seasoned and steamed clams, shrimp mussels and snow crabs, combined with red potato and savory sausage. Everything you need in the classic low country southern boil! 27.95

California Crunch Bowl: Well we are remastering and reinventing the classic California roll into whole new savory treat. Perfectly pan fried fluffy homemade rice cake, infused with Asian seasonings, topped with sake sautéed crab l, fresh cucumber fresh avocado, and finished with a Far East inspired sauce. Enjoy! 17.95

Winter Warm-up Steak Salad: Since this week is looking beautiful, let's pull out this crazy salad! Perfectly grilled steak placed over mixed greens with sautéed mushroom, crisp bacon, red onion croutons and crumbled Bleu cheese. Finished with an outrageous Creamy Bacon Horseradish dressing. Now that's a salad! 14.95

Kelseys Wake-up Tray: Well it's time to combined our famous Pizza with delicious breakfast! Our white pizza, topped with egg, bacon potato and shallots. Finished with our blend of cheese and baked to perfection!

Sauce of the Week

Bacon Ranch: How can you go wrong with this?! The savory flavor of ranch infused with succulent bacon flavor. Enjoy the beautiful weather in this winter weather break! Stay safe and enjoy your food!

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